Pellet Mill Machine Helps You Make Pellets the Easy Way

The search for a viable and reliable source of energy has led to many people and home owners turning to wood pellets to warm up their homes and even commercial facilities. If you have some general idea on how to make pellets, it makes more sense to burn pellets in your boiler and avoid high gas prices or the ever increasing utility bill in your home. All you need is access to raw materials and you can start making your own pellets. A pellet mill machine will do all the rest for you once you get the raw materials.

Pellets are made from biomass such as wood waste or any agricultural waste such as grass, straw, corn stalks and any other form of biodegradable waste such as sawdust. A small portable pellet mill is then employed to compress this biomass into cylindrical pellets that can be burned in a pellet stove or a boiler. The availability of a small portable pellet mill machine makes it easier to make pellets at the very source of the biomass. But, it is not as easy as this. The right knowledge is required to make high quality pellets that do not crumble. The biomass has to be dried to remove moisture before pelletizing can begin and once the pellets have been made, more drying is required to make it possible to store pellets without them turning into powder.

So together with a pellet mill, a dryer is required to dry off the biomass before it is pelletized and once the final pellets are made, then a cooler is required to bring down the temperature of the pellets to a condition where they can be stored.

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