Pellet Mill Machine Helps You Make Pellets the Easy Way

The search for a viable and reliable source of energy has led to many people and home owners turning to wood pellets to warm up their homes and even commercial facilities. If you have some general idea on how to make pellets, it makes more sense to burn pellets in your boiler and avoid high gas prices or the ever increasing utility bill in your home. All you need is access to raw materials and you can start making your own pellets. A pellet mill machine will do all the rest for you once you get the raw materials.

Pellets are made from biomass such as wood waste or any agricultural waste such as grass, straw, corn stalks and any other form of biodegradable waste such as sawdust. A small portable pellet mill is then employed to compress this biomass into cylindrical pellets that can be burned in a pellet stove or a boiler. The availability of a small portable pellet mill machine makes it easier to make pellets at the very source of the biomass. But, it is not as easy as this. The right knowledge is required to make high quality pellets that do not crumble. The biomass has to be dried to remove moisture before pelletizing can begin and once the pellets have been made, more drying is required to make it possible to store pellets without them turning into powder.

So together with a pellet mill, a dryer is required to dry off the biomass before it is pelletized and once the final pellets are made, then a cooler is required to bring down the temperature of the pellets to a condition where they can be stored.

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Pellet Cooling Process Is Essential in the Manufacture of Pellets

After the process of making pellets, the temperature of the biomass is in the range of 60-80 degrees with a moisture content of about 15% that is after using a pellet making machine. But you cannot store pellets in this condition nor pack them. It is simply not advisable. The chief reason against such actions is the high temperature of the pellets. If pellets were to be packed in this condition, then a high temperature insulation material would be needed for packing and storing of these pellets which would contribute to an increase in cost, defeating the whole purpose of making the pellets in the first place. To avoid all this, pellet cooling process can be used to bring down the temperate of pellets prior to storage.

This process ensures that pellets do not clumber owing to the high temperatures and moisture content after the pelletizing process and also the pellet cooling process helps avoid condensation of the pellets and formation of mildew. A cooler is used to bring down the temperature of pellets by about 3-4% as well as the moisture content. To do this a counter flow cooler is preferred by most people and commercial facilities since the cooler blows air through columns of pellets in the opposite direction of the flow of the pellets. This makes the evaporation process faster as well as the cooling process. The counter flow cooler also dispenses the pellets automatically making the whole process efficient and less reliant on supervision. You can find a variety of these counter coolers on sale either from leading suppliers or through the internet.

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Why You Need a Wood Pellet Machine

Most economies in the world are controlled by the effects of the world’s oil prices. Fuel is a necessity in most economies and when their prices go up the economy is shaken since most of the products are affected. However; there is a solution if you have a wood pellet machine. This machine can produce energy at a very affordable price and the price will not fluctuate nor affect the economy the same way fuel does. All we need is alternative sources of energy if we are cautious of our economic stability. Why can’t we produce energy with the locally available resources rather than depending on oil and its adverse effects to the economy? This is why most economies are shifting to the production of pellets instead of only relying on fuel.

The wood pellet machine is very cheap. They vary in price and output level. There are machines that are best suited for industrial use and others can be used for home use. The machines do not occupy large spaces and depending on the available space on your compound you can get the appropriate machine. The machine produces products that are environmentally friendly and you may use only the local materials as raw materials. The economic effect of this machine is large if most people in the economy can use it. To those who have embraced this idea, they are out there giving testimonies of how effective these machines are and how much they have helped them save money. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

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Why is the Pellet cooler Important?

The pellet cooler is one of the most important parts of a wood pellet production line although there are so many that are neglecting it. This can be a really bad idea and we are soon going to understand why.

The raw material will be put in the dye of the pellet mill. The temperature is really high in this machine and thanks to the addition of pressure the wood pellets are going to gain the shape that we know. When the wood pellets come out they are going to be really warm. This basically means that you need to let them cool off before they are going to be able to be packed. If this does not happen they can easily stick to each other or lose their shape. This is where the pellet cooler steps in. It is another part of the production line that has the only goal to quickly cool the wood pellets. You can thus gain time and make sure that the pellets are of a really high quality.
Whenever thinking about a commercial wood pellet production line it is really important to gain time and make sure that you can produce pellets as fast as possible. Without the addition of the pellet cooler there is no real chance to maximize the potential of the entire line and you are going to end up with some pellets that are of a really low quality. That is why it is really important to make sure that you are going to always use one.

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The Importance of Cooling Pellets

When you are making wood pellets it is crucial that you pay close attention to the correct manufacture process. This is due to the fact that we have a lot of quality standards that will have to be respected at all times. A failure to do this can lead to a really bad end product that is not going to be useful and will not sell well.

Out of all the extras that are needed, the one thing that people will usually forget is the pellet cooler. You have to make sure that you do not sacrifice quality for price when you are buying one. If you do this you are basically guaranteeing that you are going to have problems. Make sure that you do not make this really common mistake or you might end up not knowing why your pellets are not coming out the way in which you want them to.

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Things Pellet Mills Need to Function Effectively

The following are three things are very significant for a pellet mill to function effectively.

The size of the Particles to be milled

Supplies meant for pelleting ought to be of a certain size. Shaving can cause blockages on the feed machineries and (chips and off cuts) larger bodies can also make a pellet machine to have mechanical breakdown. When pelleting reeds or straws, they foremost ought to be sliced to a point where they will flow freely and onto the hammer mill. A grinder (hammer mill) that has a screen, which is 6mm wide, can mill sawdust together with reeds or straw. Larger materials ought to be milled or granulated significantly to pass through a screen of 6mm.

Humidity content of unprocessed supplies

The humidity content of raw materials ought to be kept at temperatures that are lower than 16%
To have pellets those that are of a high quality, immense mechanical force ought to be used to in order to generate fastening of the unrefined materials., If the humidity content of the pellets materials is higher, then the poorer the quality of the pellets that will be refined. Additionally, when there is friction between the pellets heat is produced and if the temperature within the pellets exceeds the 90o C the moisture in the pellets will begin being gaseous. According to common knowledge, everyone knows that if the humidity content of unprocessed supplies reaches 16% the quality of the pellets become poorer.

Straw mixes/ sawdust/reeds

Even though it is possible to pellet almost anything via a single Die, the adding of pellet binders and water proscribes solidity. Diverse materials require differing points of adding things like pellet binders and water. Meaning, if the materials being milled constantly vary, it is impossible to control the final product that is produced by the pellet machine, which can either too hard or too soft. The same applies for wood sawdust and straw varieties or combinations of straws. However, if conflicting materials are given to the pellet mill for pelleting in an unswerving percentage and varied by a proportioner mill, the accompaniments can be synced accordingly, and pellets that are of a high quality shall be created in the end.

By following the three above outlined fundamental steps your pellet mill machine will function at its fullest potential.

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Not All Pellet Machines Come With a Cheap Price Tag

Pellet machines are not sold with a low-priced price tag, so it of the essence that you ensure that you are seriously considering venturing into manufacturing your pellets by purchasing your own pellets machine. Incase you are a farmer or you know of a person who has ready access to unrefined materials which are typically used to manufacture pellets like corn kernels and sawdust, you can get an appropriate pellet machine which you can purchase .

Incase you are contemplating to manufacture wood pellets in particular; there are things you ought to think about. Contrary to accepted credence, to put together wood pellets you do not just take sawdust, heave them onto a pellet machine, and wait for the utmost quality pellets to emanate from it. There are set principles, and if you are manufacturing pellets for your personal use, then you can follow the subsequent steps if you yearn for the best domino effect.
First, the unprocessed materials should be absolutely, dry prior to placing them into the machine. However, the materials ought to contain a moisture percentage of 10%, which helps them in binding together solidly. Note there is a big difference between wetness and moisture content.
Therefore, if you are contemplating venturing into the field of manufacturing your own pellets, one important facet that you need to take into consideration is the pellet machine that you are going to purchase to make the procedure a success. There is a wide range of pellet production machines today, which differ in model, size, and brand. However, before buying a pellet machine it is imperative that you first understand all aspects about the machine that you are eyeing, and the process of manufacturing the pellets. Pellets making is a very profitable venture.

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Choosing a Pellet Machine: Why Small is better

Many people turn to pellet machines to carry out their day-to-day sawing tasks. Some years back, these devices were a bit expensive and owning one was almost impossible. However, rapid advancements in technology has enabled the pellet machines to become accessible to most people due to a significant drop in the cost of purchase as well as maintenance. Therefore, instead of people hiring, commercial pellets to use for their daily tasks, they would rather buy a personal machine, which they can use at their convenience.

The wood pellet in particular has become a very useful tool for many people. It is popular due to its ability to create fine particles. In addition, it eliminates the need for a belt drive shaft, which is a more superior tool and very expensive. What’s more, a wood pellet machine is a type of dry-out machine, in that it has the ability to create the fine particles, without the need for water to be added. The pellets thus produced may be used for small scale feeding, and may be stored for extended periods of up to 6 months.

When choosing a pellet machine, a number of factors must be taken into consideration. These factors include the amount of money you are willing to spend on acquiring a machine, the amount of workload you have and the space. You will find that you are better off buying a small pellet machine for the simple reasons that it is cheaper to buy, operate, and maintain. In addition, the small-scale farmer only needs a small machine, which will enable him to make sufficient feed for his livestock. Therefore, buying a large commercial pellet machine will be a waste of resource. Finally, a large commercial pellet machine is more expensive and technical to operate, thus requiring the farmer to undergo training on how the proper operation and maintenance.

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An Excellent Way of Saving Money on Heating Rates

The world over everyone including school going children are familiar with the fact that the price of energy has been augmented considerably through the preceding years, the fuels that have soured include diesel oil, fossil oil and natural gases amongst others. Begging the question, “Have you started seeking new energy saving ways for your home”? If the answer is yes then the wood pellet machine should be your best alternative.

Through the correct equipment, diverse kinds of unprocessed materials, and reasonable instruction, by making use of the pellet machine, not only do you reduce your heating overheads but you also put together your personal heating energy from the comfort of your home while at the same instance enjoying the procedure. Many times people on enquire on the kind of materials that can be pelletized including where the unprocessed materials can be found in the following bit of this article we find out more.

Firstly, I wish to inform you that the unrefined materials of wood pellets are diverse and easy to locate. Some people think that if they want to get them, for instance the unprocessed materials have to be wooden or things that are related to wood. People who think this way I wish to inform them that their thinking is entirely incorrect.

Wood of course, is part of the unrefined materials, which can be easily pelletized; the pellet press has additional rewards since it can alter diverse biomass supplies to biodegradable energy pellets. Some of the unprocessed materials that can be pelletized are the likes of peanuts shells, coffee husks, sunflower stalks, sawdust, stalks, and corncobs amongst others. Almost all Agro-forestry bi-products that can be thought of can be pelletized using a pellet machine. Pellet making is a first-rate way of saving money on costs of heating. In addition, the biomass power is cheap and green.

About Pellet Cooler

What Are Pellet Coolers

The pellet cooler is used to reduce the temperature of hot pellets from pellet mill to ambient temperature, if hot and moist pellets are not cooled, they may brake in to powder again. It is a normally counter flow type cooler where the airflow is opposite to the direction of flow of pellets.

The cooler works on the principal of blowing air through columns of hot & moist pellets, which results in evaporation of moisture from the pellets. For moisture evaporation, heat is taken from the pellets leading to cooling of pellets.

Two basic types of pellet coolers: horizontal counter flow type and vertical counter flow type. The horizontal pellet cooler, pellets are conveyed on a Pellet Coolerperforated steel mesh by transmission belt through where cool air stream could pass. The vertical type counter flow coolers are coolers work with pellets fall by gravity into a chamber through where the air is sucked by a fan to upside.

At a time there is great public awareness of the impact modern living has on the environment, so we can ues the pellet mill with green machines – pellet cooler.